ESP-01 module

I just received two off these small ESP-01 boards.
They are part off the ESP8266 family and have relly nice specs:

  • ESP8266 chip.
  • 2 dedicated GPIOs.
  • Serial comms (or 2 additional GPIOs).
  • Pin connectors.
  • Arduino-compatible.
  • PWM, I2C, UART, OneWire.
  • On-board WiFi + printed antenna, 802.11 b/g/n, 360m range.
  • Able to become a wireless access point.
  • Lua and Arduino firmware available.
  • Able to run a web server.
  • Dimensions: 24.75 x 14.5mm.
  • Power: 3.3v. (important!!)


Instruction for flashing this little fellow can be found on
And I plan on building this flaching setup

NeoPixel 24Bit LED ring

Neopixel 24BitGot my self a 24Bit LED ring!

Nice toy with 24 pcs. of ws2812b three wire LED.
I hooked it up to my Arduino UNO and loaded it with the default sketch “NeoPixel FUN” that comes with the NeoPixelBus.h library.

Below you can see some videos i made of the result.
at first I used external 5V supply to measure the load current.
afterwards I powered it from laptop usb supply.

Adafuit has a great guide if you would like to play with NeoPixels yourself.